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Controller Portfolio Expands to Provide Efficient Power Management for Notebooks

Thu, 08/02/2007 - 12:23pm


e_arrows.jpgON Semiconductor expanded its computing products portfolio with the introduction of three new power controllers, specifically designed to meet the efficiency requirements of notebook PCs. The NCP5371, NCP5218, and NCP5215 controllers address the notebook power subsystem needs for Vcore, DDR memory, and CPU chipsets respectively. According to the company, the controllers improve the efficiency of power management subsystems in notebook computers by up to 5 percent, thereby extending battery life. The NCP5371 is a two-phase, dual-edge Vcore controller designed to support notebook mobile processor power delivery requirements. The current mode variable frequency architecture provides ultra fast dynamic response with virtually no overshoot for dynamic loads and dynamic VID changes. Automatic variable frequency operation during light load conditions provides high subsystem efficiency and fast transient response out of light load operation. The device includes gate drivers that are optimized for large Qg low-side MOSFETs. The NCP5218 two-in-one power controller for notebook DDR memory subsystems combines the efficiency of a PWM controller for the VDDQ supply, with a linear regulator for the VTT supply. The high bandwidth VTT regulator requires only a 20 µF ceramic output capacitor, and a power saving mode for light load conditions improves subsystem efficiency. NCP5215 is a dual-channel buck controller for notebook chipsets. A programmable power-saving mode delivers high efficiency of >90 percent over the entire load range. The 180° interleaved operation reduces input capacitance requirements, while the programmable Adaptive Voltage Position reduces output capacitance requirements.
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