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Modules Facilitate Integration of I/O Hardware and Motion

Tue, 07/31/2007 - 6:47am


ec78bm802a-LDanaher Motion introduces SQIO, SynqNet I/O interface boards that allow high volume machine builders to integrate their custom analog and/or digital I/O hardware with complex motion into a SynqNet network architecture. The product maximizes machine performance by providing real-time I/O and remote motion performance diagnostics via SynqNet for in-depth system level visibility, analysis and control. The modules are also suitable for special I/O timing needs or tight synchronization with motion requirements. They are also appropriate for OEMs who custom package their I/O interfaces, or who prefer standardized connectors for I/O interfaces. A time-based capture feature allows machine builders to place high-speed input capture points around the network without sacrificing performance or being restricted to complex wiring schemes between the controller and amplifier.
Danaher Motion


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