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Hall Effect Non-contact Magnetic Switch with Microwatt Power Consumption

Wed, 06/13/2007 - 5:49am


Melexis_X830_WEB.jpgMelexis announces the MLX90248ELD, a new member in MLX90248 Omnipolar, Micropower Hall effect switch family. The switch is in a low profile Ultra-Thin QFN package that enhances the benefits of pole-independent, micropower performance by providing for more compact system design. The device also exhibits very high magnetic sensitivity with accurate and reliable performance over the operating range due to advanced dynamic offset cancellation technique incorporated on-chip. The magnetic sensitivity of the MLX90248 is Omnipolar meaning that it can be activated by either a North magnetic field or a South magnetic field. The device switches ON in the presence of sufficiently strong magnetic field (Bop) facing the marked side of the package. The output switches OFF in the absence of a magnetic field (Brp). In applications the device reduces the efforts for magnetic design to simply matching the specified thresholds (Bop/Brp) irrespective of polarity. In production, it enables a process that is more efficient by eliminating the need to align the activating magnet during assembly. It integrates very high sensitivity Hall sensor with maximum operating point of 6 mT and minimum release point of 0.5 mT.
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