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LXI Remote AC Power Management Switch

Fri, 05/11/2007 - 5:15am

pickering_web.jpgPickering Interfaces announced its range of LXI compliant switching products with the introduction of the 60-200 Remote AC Power Management Switch. A single AC supply connection is connected to 8 switched AC outlets which then provide power to all connected instruments. Each connection can be turned on or off including precise timing delays under programmatic control over an Ethernet  LXI compliant connection or controlled completely through any W3C compliant web browser. Devices can be selectively power cycled in a test system lacking easy access to power on/off switches through the system controller. Access can be gained over short or long distance thanks to the LXI interface, you can be next to the system, in the next building, on a different site or even in a different country. The realys used are specifically designed to operate with a long life even with high inrush currents.
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