CMDM chokePulse Electronics (San Diego, CA) released a series of chokes which integrate a common mode (CM) and differential mode (DM) choke into the same component. Combining two separate magnetic components into a single integrated component is asserted to reduce power losses across the EMI filter portion of the power supply because it reduces the resistance. It also allows for a reduction in the overall space needed for the choke. Pulse Electronics' new PA4040 integrated choke has a small 31 mm x 24.9 mm footprint, making this single CMDM component over 40 percent smaller than the combined footprint of equivalent CM and DM components, according to the company. The low direct current resistance is between 32 and 245 mOhms. The PA4040 integrated choke

  • Has 1500 Vrms hi-pot and 3.0 mm of creepage and clearance safety distance so it suits a wide range of safety agency (UL/CSA/VDE) requirements.
  • Can be used in any AC/DC or DC/AC power supply that uses both a DM and CM filter and where the currents through the filter are less than 3.5 Arms.
  • Are suitable in LED lighting drives, solar micro-inverters, motor drives and controls, datacom, and computing.

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