The new IGEPv5 is an embedded processor development board based on Texas Instruments OMAP5432 Multimedia Application Device. The OMAP processor is designed to support high performance applications within a low power envelope, preventing the need for fans.

The IGEPv5 is designed to evaluate performance and benchmark features for advanced industrial applications. This board supports expandability via onboard connectors for the development of additional capabilities and functionalities, and is available in an extended range of operating temperature (-40 to 85ºC). The ultra-compact module (the dimensions are only 135mmx95mm) features a dual Core ARM Cortex A15 Processor with 1MB L2 cache. IGEPv5 is packed also with I/O including five USB ports, mSATA, up to 32 GiB Flash Memory eMMC, microSD, up to 3 displays and HDMI 1.4a (up to 1920x1200), DisplayPort, audio in/out, gigabit Ethernet, WIFI and Bluetooth wireless. It incorporates a 3D Graphics processing accelerator Unit and a 2D Graphic accelerator Unit, including a pair of Cortex-M4 microcontrollers for the image processing. The IGEPv5 will be available with 2GB of DDR3 RAM Memory expandable up to 4GB.

The IGEPv5 has the official ISEE support to simplify the implementation of specific hardware and software. The IGEPv5’s shipping will be on January; ISEE allows reservations contacting the sales department at