Power Technology announced that it is introducing a new laser speckle reducer module for machine vision applications. The IQ7 Laser Speckle Reducer is specifically designed to reduce local interferences and unwanted intensity patterns improving overall laser imaging quality.

When projected on a surface, laser light is often diffusely reflected by rough, or corrugated, points present on the illuminated surface. If there are any differences in corrugation depth, local interferences occur in the laser wavelength known as intensity patterns, or speckle patterns. These speckle patterns can severely degrade image quality or disturb position measurements.

The IQ7 by Power Technology dynamically diffuses the laser’s coherent beam to ensure speckle reduction. Emission angles of 1°, 10° and 20° provide maximum versatility for a range of uses including machine vision, beam homogenization, 3-D scanning, metrology, microscopy and interferometry applications. The IQ7 is available with digital or analog modulation in wavelengths from 405-808nm. Customized versions are also available upon request.


For more information about Power Technology, visit the company’s website at http://www.powertechnology.com.