Vented versions of Macro Sensors CD 375 Series of Miniature AC-Operated LVDT Position Sensors withstand high pressures and temperatures in applications where space is at a premium and the environment is hostile. As the coil assembly of the sensor is vented to equalize pressure inside and outside the LVDT linear position sensor, units can withstand a combination of high pressure and temperatures, shock and vibration to perform where space is limited and the environment is hostile. Since vent holes in the housing expose the coils inside, fluid must be electrically non-conductive and chemically benign.

These environmentally robust, high temperature and pressure configurations of the CD 375 Series operate in temperature extremes of -65°F to +400°F (-55°C to +200°C) and operating pressures of 35 kpsi.  High temperature ratings are achieved using internal materials rated for these temperatures. Available in full-scale measurement ranges from ±0.025” (±0.63mm) to ±1.0” (±25.0mm), the miniature LVDT linear position sensors offer a 50% larger core-to-bore radial clearance (0.012”) than similar sized competitive units.

In the oil and gas industry, these compact LVDTs are ideal for position feedback control of downhole drilling equipment such as bore scopes that measure the ID of the drilled hole. Offering a lightweight, low mass core and a compact 3/8” diameter, the AC-operated LVDT Position Sensors are also ideal for high response dynamic measurement such as plastic injection molding machines, automatic inspection equipment as well as different robotic applications requiring displacement feedback to ensure proper machinery operation.

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