Mouser Electronics is offering a comprehensive solution set of hardware and software development tools for the Freescale KL0 family of ARM Cortex-M0+ processors.

Freescale’s Kinetis KL0 processors offer 32-bit performance at an 8-bit price point without sacrificing energy consumption, making them ideal for designers experiencing limitations with 8-bit or 16-bit processors. The Freescale Freedom Board (FRDM-KL02Z) allows low-power, cost-effective evaluation and development for quick prototyping and demo. Included with the FRDM-KL02Z are an easy-to-use mass storage device flash programmer, a virtual serial port, and classic programming and run-control capabilities.

IDE (integrated development environment) software applications include Keil Tools MDK-PRO, which is optimized for MCU applications and combines the ARM C/C++ Compiler, the µVision IDE/Debugger, the Keil RTX real time operating system, and middleware libraries. Atollic offers the TrueSTUDIOC/C++ Development Suite with true integration to enhance efficiency, team collaboration, and code quality, as well as a feature set to enable developers to quickly write and debug.           

Keil ULINKPro Debug and Trace Unit provides on-the-fly programming, debugging, and analyzing trace information for Cortex-M devices via a USB port. The processor can run at full speed while programming, setting breakpoints, and read/write activity.           

Micrium µC/OS-III Real-Time Operating System saves time on embedded system projects, manages an unlimited number of application tasks, and features an interrupt disable time of near zero.

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