HARTING now offers size 3A crimp inserts that have a rated delivery capability of 55A at 40ºC, a lot of power for such a small package. These Han Q 3/0 and Han Q 4/0 inserts are designed to fit into any Han 3A housing – either the standard metal, EMC (high shielding), HPR (external power) or Han-INOX (stainless steel) housing. Each Han Q 3/0 module is a compact 42 mm2, features three contacts plus a ground and can accommodate wires ranging from 8 AWG to 16 AWG. This insert is particularly well-suited for semiconductor production and motor applications that call for three poles and a ground.

The Han Q 4/0 is a 4-pole version of the Han Q 3/0 without a ground and is intended for use in Han 3A plastic housings as an AC or DC connector for fans, heaters and pumps. Also, with their four contacts, each of these connectors can be used for two devices up to 52A and 830V, which is particularly common in semiconductor applications.