The primary application for this instrument is in the oil/gas drilling industry to measure viscosity of drilling muds and fracturing fluids according to established methods from the American Petroleum Institute and the ASTM.

It is also suitable for other applications, in particular those where the Couette geometry may be more appropriate. One example could be to avoid turbulent behavior which is sometimes an issue with the Searle geometry associated with standard accessories like UL Adapter and Small Sample Adapter.

The BF35 Viscometer comes complete with a set of 4 spindles and the F1.0 spring torque*. The sample is placed in the cup and the spindle/chamber combination is then immersed into the sample. When the motor is turned on, the chamber rotates while the spindle remains stationary. When the dial reading becomes stable, the torque reading is recorded and manually converted into a viscosity value in centipoise.