IXYS Corporation announced that its wholly owned UK subsidiary, IXYS UK Westcode Ltd., announces the introduction of a range of ‘easy mount’ rectifier diode assemblies.
The new assemblies, which can be supplied either with the diodes ready mounted or as kits, allow for easy mounting of rectifier diodes to cooling fins using four bolts. The diodes are single side mounted directly to a copper base plate pre-drilled with the four bolt holes. Diodes can be either anode or cathode side down, with three versions available suitable for 34mm to 50mm electrode devices. An extensive range of ‘standard’ parts is available with the mounting hole positions compatible with the now obsolete range of flat based rectifiers previously offered by a number of manufacturers.
For ease of selection an extensive range of parts in three configurations are available as standard, with voltage ratings from 1.5kV to 4.5kV and average current ratings from 435A to 2035A. As an alternative, the clamps can be used with an extensive range of other IXYS UK products, including phase control thyristors, either as kits or with the devices pre-mounted. Consult the Chippenham factory for your specific requirement.

Typical applications include traction rectifiers, chemical power supplies and all general rectifier needs.

For data sheet please go to the IXYS UK website at www.ixysuk.com