Designed to support high energy xenon strobe light applications, Illinois Capacitor FSL Series delivers up 1 million flashes at rated voltage applied. These specialized aluminum electrolytic capacitors offer low ESR and leakage current ratings; and are available in a wide range of case sizes.

Unlike conventional electrolytics, the FSL Series uses a low-etch foil film and a special electrolyte formula for very quick charge and discharge capabilities. These characteristics make the FSL especially well suited to repeatedly energize signal lights, emergency warning strobes, security camera lighting and more.

Available capacitance values range from 47 mF to 470 mF at up to 390 WVDC.

Operating temperature range: -20°C to +70°C. Its rugged case is sized to help quickly dissipate heat. Tab terminations provide for secure PCB mounting and mechanical durability. As with all Illinois Capacitor products, the FSL is 100% tested before delivery.