workbench for AVR32IAR Systems announced the availability of version 4.20 of its embedded development toolchain IAR Embedded Workbench for AVR32. The version includes major enhancements to the advanced code optimizations technology, gaining significantly faster code execution as well as smaller code size, according to the company.  The enhancements are said to result in heavily improved scores on the CoreMark benchmark test suite -- more than 80 percent higher compared to the previous version. New functionality includes a new text editor with user-friendly features such as auto-completion, parameter hints, code folding, block select and indent, bracket matching, zoom, and word/paragraph navigation. A new source browser adds features for going directly to a chosen declaration, and for finding all references to a symbol. The inline assembler has been extended with the possibility to take input arguments, give return values, and read or write to C symbols. Project connections are introduced to make it easy to use external device configuration tools alongside IAR Embedded Workbench.

Several new features are introduced in the comprehensive C-SPY Debugger. A Live Watch window repeatedly samples and displays the values of expressions while your application is executing. Sampled Graphs lets you specify variables for which you want to collect data and view the sampled data either in table format in the Data Sample window or as graphs in a dedicated Sampled Graphs window. You are now also able to define custom special function registers (SFRs) with selectable access sizes and types and a new browsable Call Graph window lets you display all calls made to and from each function from any source file in the active project. Macro expressions can be evaluated and launched from a new Macro Quicklaunch window. The return value from the evaluated macro or expression is shown in a separate column and you can retrigger the evaluation at any given point.

The new version uses a new license management system that simplifies administration through features like commuter licenses, automatic license activation, and support for virtual servers. Support for several new devices has also been added.

IAR Systems,