wireless sensor nodeLORD MicroStrain Sensing Systems introduced Watt-Link, a wireless sensor node positioned to streamline discrete industrial power installations and provide remote energy monitoring and reporting via any web-connected device. Applications include energy management, building automation, metering, and equipment performance monitoring, verification, evaluation, and diagnostics. Watt-Link operates on the MicroStrain LXRS wireless communication network to achieve the simplicity of wireless use with the reliability of a hardwired system. Devices synchronize bidirectional power, energy, and demand data with other LORD MicroStrain condition-based monitoring including wireless strain, vibration, and temperature. SensorCloud, a cloud-based data aggregation, visualization, and analytics platform, allows Watt-Link users to receive real-time alerts and custom reports via email and SMS. Furthermore, MathEngine analytics provide a platform for rapidly identifying consumption trends and tracking metrics to maximize machine and manufacturing process efficiency. Each Watt-Link supports three current transformers with customizable gains and offsets. Models include 208 VAC, WYE, 400 VAC WYE, 480 VAC, WYE, 240 VAC Delta, 400 VAC, Delta, 480 VAC, Delta, and 600 VAC, Delta.

LORD MicroStrain Sensing Systems, www.microstrain.com