ITW Vortec today launched its re-designed and re-engineered Personal Air Conditioning (PAC) vest. The Vortec PAC vest, already praised as an innovative solution to protect industrial workers in extreme temperature environments, now offers even more features to ensure comfort and cooling. Vortec has also lowered the price of most models and sizes of the PAC.

Key design enhancements to the PAC vest include an integrated belt with a heat-resistant Nexus belt buckle. Since the belt holds the tubing for delivering hot or cold air to the wearer, these improvements ensure that workers wearing the PAC receive even more cool or warm air to combat extreme ambient conditions. The adjustable waist belt on the Vortec PAC provides a quick connection to cool or warm air with the Dual Action PAC switching quickly from hot to cold.

The vests can be worn under other protective clothing and can be adjusted easily by the user, even with gloved hands. The diffuse air vests are available in three sizes to accommodate a range of body types. The durable plasticized PVC vest permits full range of motion with no airflow restrictions. The material does not absorb sweat or other contaminants.

The lightweight PAC vests are available in both a cooling only version and a Dual Action model which can be used to deliver either warm or cool air. The Vortec PAC’s deliver air at up to +/- 45-60 F° differentials via the compressed air inlet delivering cool or warm air to the wearer’s torso and neck. Employers who have purchased the vest for their workers report improved worker productivity because the PAC eliminates incidences of worker stress in extreme hot or cold conditions.

The Vortec PAC vest enables employers to eliminate the cost of heating or cooling large warehouse or shop areas. With the Vortec PAC, employers can also reduce the frequency and duration of nonproductive cooling and warming breaks.