Nano SIM connectorGlobal Connector Technology’s SIM8050 accepts the recently introduced Nano SIM card format, Nano-SIM or 4FF (4th form factor) and measures .484” x .346” x .026”. Nano SIM maintains the existing contact arrangements while reducing the size of card insulator versus Micro SIM cards.  At .026” thickness, Nano-SIM cards are approximately 15 percent slimmer than Mini/Micro SIM at .029” according to the company. Measuring .433” x .484”, SIM8050 is push/pull type with six contacts and .057” profile height, the connector is suitable for 5,000 mating cycles with an operating temperature of -20°C to +80°C.  A card stop function allows the Nano SIM card to be inserted only in the correct orientation while plastic pegs and SMT holdowns provide extra PCB retention.

Global Connector Technology,