single emitter moduleDILAS introduced a fiber-coupled, single emitter module that emits 10 W continuous wave (CW) power at 976 nm from a single, 200-micron broad area emitter. Available in a high heat load (HHL) package, this easy-to-integrate, high-brightness, 976-nm, multimode diode laser is desirable for medical applications. The module has an operating current of <14 A and compliance voltage of <2.5 V. These fiber-coupled devices are environmentally sealed and include integrated photodiode and thermistor, as well as an integrated thermoelectric cooler (TEC). The detachable fiber can be controlled via the fiber interlock. Further wavelengths available by the company include 689 nm and 752 nm with output powers of 400 mW and 1.5 W respectively, primarily intended for photodynamic therapy (PDT).