To seamlessly light indoor commercial spaces, Hubbell Lighting announced two new brilliantly designed enclosed basket fixtures from Columbia Lighting—the Transition Enclosed TRE (fluorescent) and LTRE (LED). The new commercial lighting standard, the Transition Enclosed TRE and LTRE bring an exceptional combination of outstanding light output, high efficiency and precise color rendering for a wide range of environments. Plus, reduced maintenance cost is assured with these long-life fixtures that come with a built in dust guard enclosure.

Designed for both beauty and performance, the Transition Enclosed LTRE is 35 percent more efficient than direct/indirect old style perforated metal basket fluorescent products that it replaces; and is available in 2' x 2' and 2' x 4' configurations that can be easily recessed, surface mounted or suspended in new or existing spaces. Offering outstanding efficacy at up to 94 lumens per watt, the Transition Enclosed LTRE’s lumen packages range from 2,300 (2' x 2') to 4600 (2' x 4'). Designed specifically as full distribution sources, the Transition Enclosed LTRE and TRE produce light at many angles, increasing the volume of available light. Both fluorescent and LED fixtures fully integrate with common energy saving controls devices to reduce power consumed and comply with code requirements.

The Transition Enclosed TRE and LTRE enclosed lens exceeds industry standards and is self-engaging along the entire perimeter of the shielding to provide a barrier which keeps the lamp compartment clean and reduces maintenance requirements. For demanding environments like medical facilities, dining areas, locker rooms, dormitories, and public spaces; the Transition Enclosed TRE and LTRE have specialty options such as antimicrobial paint to resist bacterial growth on painted surfaces, wet location listing, and a full length layer of gasketing for the lens that does not impact the product's performance.

Each LED fixture is rigorously tested for color, wattage and light consistently before it ships. If it doesn't pass, it doesn't ship. Plus, a QR Code is affixed to each LED fixture housing, providing a permanent record of the product’s details for future upgrades or facility records.

Columbia Lighting

Hubbell Lighting