HARTING is expanding its space-saving har-link metric product range by adding a version equipped with solder bucket contacts for fast, efficient cable assembly. This version is particularly effective in prototyping, development and small production runs. Based on 2.0 mm contact spacing, the har-link interface range offers compact, reliable, robust interface connectivity. Previously, har-link cable connectors were supplied on the cable side only with insulation displacement termination, requiring the use of special tooling. With this new solder bucket style, connectors can be easily terminated without special tooling, which is ideal for assembling and testing of harness prototypes. Wire sizes from AWG 30 to AWG 24 can be mounted on the cable side of the har-link connection, allowing for use of a wide range of readily available cables.

Manufactured in accordance with IEC 61076-4-107, har-link connectors are equipped with a special screening concept so they deliver optimal functionality in areas exposed to high electromagnetic interference. These connectors are capable of data transmission up to 2 GBit/s per twisted conductor, making them particularly well-suited for high-frequency networks and telecommunication applications. For production quantities, HARTING offers cable assemblies manufactured to individual customer specifications.