Larson Electronics has announced the release of a 150 watt LED light designed for high bay lighting installations that provides output comparable to a standard 400 watt metal halide light in a smaller fixture that uses half the power. The GAU-HB-30X5W-1227 LED High Bay Light is lightweight and compact in size yet produces 14,790 lumens of light output, making it an ideal alternative to bulkier, hot running and less reliable metal halide high bay fixtures.

The GAU-HB-30X5W-1227 LED high bay light from Larson Electronics is a powerful and rugged industrial grade lighting solution that gives operators the ability to replace their bulky and aging HID lighting systems with a light weight, efficient, and longer lived alternative. This LED high bay light pulls only 150 watts at 1.25 amps from standard 120 VAC, yet produces light output comparable to that of 400 watt metal halide light fixtures. Like metal halide fixtures, the light from this LED light is bright white and very evenly distributed, but unlike metal halide, these LED fixtures run much cooler and do not experience color shifting and erratic operation as the lamp ages. These fixtures also do not require any ballast or large reflector assembly, making them smaller, lighter, and more reliable than standard HID systems which require ballasts to power the bulb and large reflectors to effectively distribute light output. Additionally, while a metal halide lamp may run for up to 20,000 hours before it loses its color quality and must be replaced, these LED light fixtures can run for 50,000 or more hours with no discernible color shift or changes in operating performance.

These lights are constructed of heavy gauge aluminum for light weight and durability and have an unbreakable lens to resist damage from scratching and impacts. These fixtures feature CREE XLamp-XPG LED s for the highest performance and also have advanced LED drivers which actively manage current input and heat levels, allowing these lights to maintain maximum light output without any of the excessive heat buildup or voltage spikes that can damage lower grade LED fixtures. These lights come with an adjustable trunnion style mounting bracket that allows operators to mount the unit to flat surfaces and adjust the fixture angle for optimum beam placement and work area coverage. Ten feet of included cable with open flying leads provides ample length for wiring the unit into existing conduit and junctions. The GAU-HB-30X5W-1227 Led high bay light is ideal for operators who want to improve on the reliability and efficiency of their existing lighting systems without compromising light quality and coverage of the workspace. Their light weight, compact size, simple construction and easy mounting make them ideal for replacing high bay fixture installations and also suitable for other locations such as work stations, wall attachment, and just about anywhere powerful and reliable lighting is needed in the industrial workplace.