VITA 66.1 interconnectsMolex launched the VITA 66.1 ruggedized optical MT backplane interconnect solution for high-density aerospace, defense and commercial embedded system applications.  Fully compliant with the ANSI-ratified 66.1 specification, the compact VITA 66.1 optical MT backplane solution is said to ensure VPX system engineers optimal simplicity in design and functionality for harsh environments. The new Molex VITA 66.1 optical MT interconnect system meets the defined requirements outlined by VITA 66.0 for blind mate fibre optic interconnects used with VITA 46 backplanes and plug-in modules. Available with 8, 12 or 24 fibers in standard singlemode or multimode and VersaBeam (expanded beam) MT ferrule options for design flexibility, the interconnect features an aluminium housing to withstand extreme temperature ranges (-50 to +105 °C), as well as shock and vibration environments.

Molex Incorporated,