high voltage power ampsUltraVolt expanded its line of precision high-voltage amplifiers - the HVA Series - capable of operating in DC, reversible, and amplifier modes. The new line of precision high-voltage amplifiers, the 10 HVA-20 HVA Series, is available with unipolar or bipolar output at 0 to 10 kV, 15 kV and 20 kV. Together with the company’s original line of high-voltage amplifiers, designers have eight voltage ranges choices from 0 to 1 kV through 20 kV. The new modules provide a high-resolution, high-voltage DC to full scale waveform capability greater than 500 Hz+ output depending on loading. The units operate a precision filter/divider and linear HV switch to produce the high-voltage amplifier. The HVA Series can both source and sink current linearly through 0V with low ripple and low noise over the entire output range. UltraVolt’s high-voltage amplifiers provide desirable line and load regulation and offer a fast slew rate (40 V/µs) and high bandwidth. The product line performs with a 25 ppm temperature coefficient standard, 15 ppm optional. The “-F” Ripple Stripper output filter option further reduces output ripple and noise. A differential precision, 0 to 10VDC control input as well as precision voltage and current monitors are standard.

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