GaN in plastic transistorM/A-COM Technology Solutions introduced a series of GaN in Plastic packaged power transistors for high-performance civilian and military radar and communications systems. The family scales to peak pulse power levels of 100 W, which is asserted to be the highest among competing components in this product category. Packaged in miniature 3-mm x 6-mm dual-flat no leads (DFN) and standard small outline transistor (SOT-89) packages, MACOM’s GaN in Plastic transistors operate at 50-V drain bias resulting in desirable power density and performance, high efficiency, and small impedance matching circuits due to improved device parasitics. The high voltage operation also helps overall system design with smaller energy storage capacitors and lower current draw. The power transistors leverage sophisticated thermal management techniques to ensure reliability in surface mount applications. The 90-W power transistor demonstrates less than 115⁰C junction temperature (80⁰C base-plate) for a pulsed power output of 93 W, using a 1-mS pulse and 10 percent duty cycle on standard Rogers board material. The devices can operate at even higher temperatures, as the calculated mean-time-to-failure (MTTF) at 200⁰C is roughly 600 years.

M/A-COM Technology Solutions,