thin film couplersAVX Corporation has introduced what it says are the smallest thin-film 10W 3dB directional couplers available in today’s market. Based on the company’s thin-film technology, the new 0603 3-dB 90° couplers exhibit desirable high-frequency performance in ranges spanning 800 MHz to 6,000 MHz and are currently unique in their ability to provide 10-W continuous power handling. Using land grid array (LGA) packaging technology, 10-W, 3dB directional couplers feature an inherently low profile, low parasitics, exceptional solderability, and improved heat dissipation in addition to self-alignment during reflow. Surface mountable and RoHS compliant, the DB0603N couplers also feature low loss, high isolation, and rugged construction for reliable automatic assembly. These directional couplers are ideal for a broad range of wireless communications applications, including mobile communications, satellite TV, GPS devices, vehicle location systems, and wireless LANs.

AVX Corporation,