starter kitWith its new StarterKit, Nanotec Electronic is helping companies choosing and commission the optimum drive. Various motor settings can be tested, and different operating modes such as open loop and closed loop can be compared. This speeds up the evaluation phase, and shortens the commissioning time. The Plug & Drive motor included in the StarterKit and the PC or laptop are simply hooked up to the StarterKit board, and the bundled NanoPro software is then installed. The software automatically detects the motor type. A total of 14 operating modes are available to test for the optimum drive configuration, such as Position, Reference Run, Interpolated Mode (for CAN Bus), Voltage Thresholds, Speeds with min/max values, Ramps, etc. A closed loop assistant gives support in setting the operating mode and for comparing the closed loop and open loop modes. The company notes it has placed great value on application-based support, such as for applications like belt drive, positioning, decentralized flow control, over run control, or multi-axis synchronization. There are detailed explanations of how such applications can be optimally controlled, the setting options are easy to understand. StarterKit1-1 consists of an L Version (Nema 23) PD4-N5918 Plug & Drive motor, the ZIB2 board, a cable set, the USB/RS485 converter, software and a detailed operating manual.
Nanotec Electronic,