DELO Industrial Adhesives’ new light curing DELO-KATIOBOND product lineup has been engineered for fast seal-bonding functions in the production of microelectronics including micro switches widely used in the automobile industry. Curing to initial strength in just seconds with easy dispensability, these adhesives were developed as a reliable alternative to more complex heat-curing or two-component epoxy resins and other bonding agents that require a significant capital investment in large oven lines that generate large electricity bills. The adhesives do not require a toxic solvent to adjust viscosity properties. Each DELO-KATIOBOND is solvent free and requires no mixing. Standard products are available with various viscosities, enabling the selection of the appropriate  flow characteristic – from capillary to steady – to suit any application. These adhesives can be applied with various dispensing systems, or by screen printing and stencil printing for two-dimensional application or spraying for two- or three-dimensional application. Fast processing and curing make them well-suited for automated mass production and seal-bonding small components. The chemical structure enables short-time heat resistant stresses up to +300 °C (e. g. in soldering processes).

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