intelligent sensor hubFreescale Semiconductor is introducing a new Xtrinsic intelligent sensor hub that serves as an advanced sensor fusion platform. The Xtrinsic FXLC95000CL sensor hub integrates an on-board accelerometer with capability to manage multiple external sensors. The solution provides a platform for making smarter system-level decisions by enabling complex calculations required for sensor fusion algorithms via interpreted sensing information and control rather than simple raw data processing. Using the sensor hub, designers can efficiently scale a basic three-axis accelerometer system up to a full nine-axis inertial measurement unit with altimetry, ambient light sensing, temperature sensing, humidity sensing and other capabilities. Exceptional scalability and integration allow sensor data to be processed locally, offloading compute cycles from the host processor and ultimately reducing system power consumption while boosting performance. The Xtrinsic FXLC95000CL combines a 32-bit ColdFire V1 MCU core, 128K flash memory and 6K RAM with an open architecture and development support.

Freescale Semiconductor,