air core inductorsCoilcraft CPS (Critical Products and Services Group) has released its AT392RAS inductors, targeting applications where high temperatures can be encountered. Air-core design and special materials allow operation in ambient temperatures as low as –60°C and up to 240°C. Five inductance values are from 8.1 nH to 27.3 nH, and Q ratings are as high as 130, with current handling of up to 4 A. A flat top and bottom provide reliable pick-and-place assembly and on-board mechanical stability. According to the company, the AT392RAS Series passes NASA low out-gassing specifications, have highest available temperature construction and feature tin-lead terminations. Coilcraft CPS Air Core Inductors are designed for VHF-UHF RF applications where aerospace/military-level performance is required. Inductance linearity of the coil is not affected by changes in current, so that performance is maintained and unwanted harmonics are minimized.

Coilcraft CPS,