J1939 encoders andi nclinometersPOSITAL announced its inclinometers and absolute rotary encoders are available with J1939 communications interfaces. (The J1939 protocol was developed by the Society of Automotive Engineers for use in heavy vehicles such as trucks, buses, fire trucks and construction machinery. The protocol facilitates quick and reliable communications between sensors, actuators and electronic control systems.) The company’s inclinometers can measure tilt in two dimensions (+/- 80°) and are appropriate for monitoring pitch and roll in off-road vehicles or vessels, or for positioning crane booms or other moveable components. Heavy-duty aluminum housings provide protection against accidental impact, while optional bus-in/bus-out M12 connectors can be used to simplify wiring layouts. POSITAL’s rotary encoders make use of magnetic measurement technology that delivers accuracy, reliability and tolerance for high shock and vibration loadings. Rugged 316L stainless steel housings and heavy duty bearings ensure reliable service in tough environments. Multi-turn versions of these rotary encoders incorporate a self-powered system to count shaft rotations, even when the motion occurs while the control system is powered down.

POSITAL, www.fraba.com