Vincotech, a leading supplier of module-based solutions for power electronics, has introduced a new compact 3x MNPC converter module in a standard flow 1 housing. Designed for 1200 V solar inverters, the flow3xMNPC 1 provides all the components for three-phase applications. Featuring Mixed voltage Neutral Point Clamped (MNPC) topology, its performance is remarkable with 98.7 percent efficiency in typical solar applications.

Packaged in flow 1 housings measuring 82 mm by 38 mm and 12 or 17 mm in height, this module supports three-phases in one module. The topology is based on a 1200 V IGBT4 HS3 (high speed) in the half-bridge and 600 V IGBT3 with low saturation voltage in the commutating path. This combination of a three-level inverter topology achieves around 98.7% efficiency in a typical 16 kHz solar application.

One booster and a three-phase inverter combined are the solution of choice when space is limited. What’s more, the flow3xMNPC 1 topology features a common collector configuration, so only five power supplies are needed for the gate driver rather than the seven for the common emitters configuration.