Highland Technology announces the release of the V120 VME PCI Express Crate Controller for aerospace, industrial, and laboratory application.

The V120 is a VME bus master crate controller, usable as a crate slot 0 arbiter or as a secondary controller. Each PCI Express cable driver board, in a PC backplane, can drive one or two V120s over standard, flexible PCI Express cable assemblies up to 7 meters long.

Designed for long-term availability, the V120 contains no proprietary VME chips. Clean, simple architecture means no jumpers and no setup needed for basic VME I/O.

VME module registers are directly mapped into PC address space. The V120 provides 8184 remapping registers, each controlling a 16 kbyte PC-to-VME remapping page with flexible timing and endian controls. The default powerup mapping allows immediate access to the A16, A24, and partial A32 VME address spaces. DMA and VME64 support are optional.

Ethernet and USB ports are included. Status LEDs and scope monitors expose bus operation and timing. Bus cycle analysis, power supply, temperature, and air flow monitoring are standard.