2-W UV LEDLumex announced the launch of its TitanBrite 2W UV LED. Available in a standard 405nm wavelength (purple), it is asserted to provide twice the power output of standard high power LEDs for a wide range of applications. The TitanBrite 2W UV LED (SML-LXL8047UVC Series) is said to consume 50 percent and 70 percent less energy than CCFLs and UV filament lamps, respectively, and according to the company, the SMT design allows the 2-W UV LED to provide up to 90, 50 or 30 percent space savings compared to CCFLs, UV filament lamps and through-hole UV LEDs. High power UV LEDs are typically available in 1-W packages, while this UV LED offers 2 W with the same footprint as a standard 1-W package. This UV LED, now available in standard 405-nm wavelength, provides high intensity light of 18 lumens. It it appropriate for a wide range of applications that require bright, intense light with low energy consumption and have space limitations.

Lumex, www.lumex.com