Intermas announces the development of a 1 HU slide-in housing with collapsible front panel to improve the horizontal mounting of circuit boards. Currently, the usage of a foldaway-hinge can be very challenging when designing a 19-inch slide-in housing with only one height unit (1 HU = 44,45 mm) since the entire height for the mounting assembly is not available due to the construction of the hinge. Intermas has now solved this problem. With ingenious mechanicals, the front panel can now be folded out so that no design height is lost.

The front panel is made of a 1 HU aluminium extrusion-profile. Opening the new design to access electrical boards is quite easy now. It is first pulled out from the closed position over a slidable conduction unit connected with the housing and then folded down with a rotatable joint.

This innovation was signed in at the German Patent and Trademark Office and is protected now.

Due to the front panel geometry, EMC-protection is achieved without any further shielding. In addition, vent openings in the side part of the housing provide heat dissipation. Optionally, both housing and front panel can be adapted to individual customer requirements. By request, Intermas takes care of the pre-configuration and proper electrical assembly as well as testing the custom device. 

Intermas develops, manufactures and markets components and modules for the "packaging" of electronics: cabinets, housings, subracks, cassettes and an extensive range of accessories.