The PDQ Lite is a low cost single board computer and development board that hosts the Freescale HCS12/9S12 MCU and an embedded RTOS. This GNU C-programmable instrument controller is well suited for data acquisition and control, PWM drive, I2C sensor interfacing, laboratory automation, scientific instruments, SCADA, instrumentation and automation.

A compact 2.5”x4” board, this simple SBC provides all the I/O of the Freescale MC9S12A512 processor chip, including dual logic-level and standard RS-232 serial ports, 10-bit resolution analog inputs, I2C, dual SPI links, PWM, and timer-controlled digital I/O. The PDQ Board Lite is powered by +5 Volts delivered via one of the I/O headers or from a standard micro-USB connector, the same type used on many cell phone chargers.

The PDQ Board Lite contains an embedded RTOS in firmware and is programmed using an open-source C integrated development environment (IDE). The Mosaic IDE+ is a comprehensive GNU environment that simplifies the coding of any multitasking application and allows users to edit, compile, download, interactively debug, and run application programs. Pricing starts at $99.00 for qty 1.