The Heraeus Sensor Technology SMD Platinum RTD temperature sensor element provides an ideal solution for crystal oscillators, sensors, and other components requiring temperature compensation.  The 0805 SMD package RTD offers the stability of a thin film Pt RTD in a standard surface mount package. With a maximum R0 drift of 0.06% after 1000 hours at 130°C, the 0805 SMD Pt RTD offers superior post-soldering stability when compared to other SMD temperature sensors. The virtual drift-free performance prevents loss of calibration due to temperature sensor resistance shift, eliminating the need for costly recalibration. A small package size provides a fast thermal response time, and is ideal for applications where space is a premium. Other key operating characteristics include high reliability and interchangeability. Possible areas of application include temperature compensation in temperature-compensated crystal oscillators (TCXO), thermopiles, strain gages, load cells, gas sensors, and biomedical sensors.

Heraeus Sensor