NIC Components is pleased to announce the addition of UL listed (US and Canada; UL 1449 rev3) radial leaded metal oxide varistors (MOVs) to its circuit protection products offering. The newly released NVR series has large disc MOV construction for fast acting absorption of transient energy (joules) on 50 or 60 Hz power circuits, with operation to 1000 VAC or 1465 VDC. Case sizes include 5mm ~ 22mm diameters with lead spacing (pitch) of 5mm, 7.5mm and 10mm. Varistor voltage range covers 11V ~ 1000Vrms (14V ~ 1465VDC) with maximum surge current ratings from 100A to 6500A (8/20uS waveform) and energy absorption capabilities of 0.1J ~ 620J (10/1000uS waveform). Operating temperature range of -40°C ~ +85°C (no-derating to +85°C).

NVR series is halogen free, RoHS compliant and designed for insertion into PCB assemblies, followed by wave (flow) soldering process. Typical unit pricing from $0.04 to $0.39 USD each, in production quantities. Please contact NIC for component samples, and to review your requirements.