XLamp XQ LEDsCree, Inc. announced the availability of XLamp XQ LEDs, featuring a combination of small size, novel light distribution and high reliability design to suit applications that require broader light distribution such as omni-directional lamps and fixtures. The XQ LEDs are Cree’s smallest lighting-class LEDs at 1.6 mm x 1.6 mm, 57 percent smaller than the company’s XLamp XB package. Built on the company’s SC3 Technology Platform, the ceramic-based XQ LEDs are designed to deliver the long-term calculated lifetimes of its other high-power LEDs. The LEDs’ new light emitting pattern directs more light towards the edge rather than the center of the package. XQ LEDs allow fewer packages to achieve a wide, distributed light pattern. The XQ family includes two new LEDs, the XQ-B and the XQ-D. In cool white (5000K), the XQ-B LED delivers up 160 lumens-per-watt at 0.18 W and the XQ-D LED delivers up to 130 lumens-per-watt at 1 W.  Both LEDs are available in 2700K to 6500K color temperatures with minimum 80 CRI option.

Cree, Inc., www.cree.com