The series of constant current (CC) models of the high-voltage output (maximum output voltage up to 280VDC) with IP65/67 design for customers’ choices and with the efficiency up to 91%. This series are built-in two-stage PFC circuit to achieve the EU harmonic interference limited of lighting products requirements EN61000-3-2 Class C (load> 50 to 55%), and more than 50% of the load to meet the PF > 0.9 , also  have the ability to withstand 4KV surge (EN61000-4-5) to fulfill the demand for lighting applications. The use of natural air-cooling ensure the series are able to work with the closed lighting system of high ambient temperature needs from -30~+70oC.

Suitable applications include LED street lights, LED patio lights, outdoor LED lighting and parking lot lighting.

ARCH Electronics Corp.