Larson Electronics added a 6-outlet, portable, low-voltage spider box to its growing line of power distribution systems. Equipped with 6 water proof outlets, the TX-40-6X-120-1224-WP combines the benefits of a step down transformer with the flexibility of a spider box, enabling operators to spit a single 120 or 240 VAC input into six 12/24VAC or 12/24 VDC outlets.

Larson Electronics announced the addition of the TX-40-6X-120-1224-WP six low voltage outlet spider box with step down transformer. The portable system can be carried by hand and includes a base stand to keep the components free of filth on the work surface. Operators can connect the line-in cord to a 120/240VAC outlet and the TX-40-6X-120-1224-WP will transform the power down to 12/24 volts AC or DC, made available by L5-20 twist lock receptacles. Operators typically use this configuration for low voltage lights or other tools for use in wet areas. Delivering up to 1000 watts over 6 outlets, the TX-40-6X can easily run six 100 watt trouble lights from a single 120 watt or 240 watt outlet. The NEMA 3r configuration enables operators to use this step down spider box transformeroutdoors or indoors.