Under the name of Fangbanger Productions, the hit TV show True Blood selected yet another Magnalight spotlight for an episode in the upcoming season. The GL-8130-M handheld spotlight offers a uniquely convertible configuration for use as a handheld lantern or traditional spotlight form factor.

The hit TV show True Blood’s Fangbanger Productions bought another Larson Electronics Magnalight spotlight for on camera use in the its long running HBO series. The GL-8130-M handheld spotlight offers a configurable handle so that the light can be used as a lantern or as a ‘light on top’ spotlight.  The 200 pound magnetic base does double duty as base stand on non-metallic surfaces and as a method of attachment to metallic surfaces. The internal lithium ion battery keeps the 12 volt spotlight lightweight and the adapter cord can serve to charge the unit quickly or run the light when the battery is fully drained.  A vehicle adapter with the same functionality is also included. This is the second Magnalight product to be used on True Blood, as the popular HL-85-HID 12 volt spotlight was used by Andy to illuminate Jason during the finale of the second season.