Samtec’s line of standard high speed cable assemblies now includes an Edge Card Cable Assembly featuring 100Ω AcceleRate fully shielded twinax cable which is a low cost alternative to standard twinax cable assemblies, but with equivalent performance.

Samtec’s Edge Rate Edge Card AcceleRate Twinax Cable Assembly (ECDP Series) offers 4, 8, 16 or 32 pairs total on 0,80 mm (.0315") pitch with 1,60 mm (.062") card thickness. The cable assembly is available with a choice of wire length, end two and wiring schematic options. In addition, a standard metal positive latching system provides higher withdrawal forces for harsh environments. An 85Ω impedance version is currently in development.

AcceleRate twinax cable is a 30 AWG laminated ribbon cable featuring solid silver signal conductors with a current rating up to 2.7A at 30ºC temperature rise (2-wide ribbon). The AcceleRate twinax cable is also rated for performance up to 12 GHz at 7dB insertion loss (1 meter).

The ECDP Series mates with Samtec’s Edge Rate card sockets (HSEC8 Series) to create a system optimized for signal integrity performance and ideal for high speed applications. The mating card sockets are available in vertical and edge mount orientations for board mating flexibility in coplanar and perpendicular applications. The ECDP / HSEC8 mated system also provides a lower profile versus standard Mini-SAS and Mini-SAS HD assemblies for increased space savings.

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