720p HD camera camera moduleNemotek Technologie announced the debut of a wafer-level high-definition camera module, the Exiguus A15-B1. The 720p HD solution features an ultra-compact form factor. It incorporates two-element HD and reflowable wafer-level lenses and provides low distortion, desirable resolution and high image quality while using replicated lenses on glass wafers instead of traditional plastic. This makes the Exiguus A15-B1 suitable for front-facing camera applications in smart phones, tablets, notebooks, gaming systems and other portable devices. This 1/6-inch 1.26 megapixel, reflowable wafer-level camera solution touts an active-pixel array of 1296H x 976V. It incorporates a CMOS image sensor and embedded image processor as well as sophisticated functions such as auto exposure control, auto white balance, flicker avoidance, and defect correction. The Exiguus A15-B1 also features 720p HD video capture at 30 frames per second, low light sensitivity in video mode, automatic image enhancement, parallel and MIPI data outputs and multi-camera synchronization.

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