TDK is offering two new 105° C snap-in series of EPCOS brand aluminum electrolytic capacitors with a very high ripple current capability and a longer useful life. The new B43545* series has a useful life is 5000 h, are available with rated voltages of 400 V DC and 450 V DC, and have capacitances of 82 µF to 820 µF. The capacitors of the new B43547* series have a useful life of 8000 h, a voltage range from 200 V DC to 450 V DC, and are available with capacitances of 82 µF to 2200 µF.

The thermal resistances and ESR values of both series were further reduced, so that the ripple current capability was significantly increased. Depending on the type, these new capacitors have dimensions of between 25 x 25 mm and 35 x 55 mm (d x h). They are designed for a maximum ambient temperature of 105 °C.

Their main applications are as DC link capacitors in frequency converters for drives and inverters for photovoltaic installations as well as industrial power supplies.

For further information on this product, call 1-800-888-7726 or go to  Delivery is in 14 weeks with pricing starting in $2 depending on quantity.