Electrotech Sales Group, LLC introduces compact distribution blocks (part numbers GDBD16 and GDBD35, 27.5mm wide and 46.5mm high) with multiple connection possibilities including 10-2AWG incoming and 14-4AWG outgoing.  These blocks are designed for distribution of high current to feed multiple circuits. Typical applications include distribution of a single phase supply with high current to various load circuits with lower current requirements. In case of a three phase application, three distribution blocks can be used.  DIN rail or panel mount capabilities are available depending on your application and the shell is made of Polyamide 6.6 Class V2 plastic as per UL94 standards.  Inside connections consist of copper alloy which are nickel tin electroplated ensuring its’ corrosion resistance. Call 215-997-8855 for more information or email sales@esgllc-usa.com.