CML Microcircuits has launched a new ACE (Analogue Communications Enhancements) Processor, the CMX188. The processor is specifically targeted at providing the digital advantage to analogue two-way radios and walkie-talkies, serving both licence-free and licensed two-way radio market sectors. The product combines an embedded low bit-rate vocoder, audio-band modem and digital voice features. The plug and play solution is said to enable digital voice features and functionality not normally found on analogue two-way radio. These include: secure digital voice encryption, digital voice storage/retrieval including step back feature, instant voice capture to eliminate PTT clipping, auto-adaptive VOX and packet data. Built into the CMX188 is the company’s RALCWI (Robust Advanced Low Complexity Waveform Interpolation) vocoder providing near toll quality speech at a low bit-rate. Noise gating is included in the Vocoder function, in both transmit and receive operations to minimise the effects of background noise and improve the overall voice quality.

CML Microcircuits