SCHURTER is expanding its range of surface mount chip fuses with a 50-mA model in the USFF family. It sets itself apart from standard commercial products through, according to the company, a lower voltage loss and an exact opening time for sensitive electronic systems where such performance is critical. The wire-bonding technology used in the USFF 1206 allows stable, reliable operation of ambient temperatures from 55°C to 90°C, making it desirable for protection of applications such as in sensors, IC’s, and batteries. The new fuse is particularly well suited for the protection of smart metering systems. The USFF 1206 has cURus certification, is halogen-free and conforms to RoHS. With these characteristics, the USFF 1206 fuse is also an excellent choice for lead-free systems. Rated currents range from 50 mA to 250 mA; voltages are up to 125 VAC/63VDC; breaking capacity is 100 A at rated voltage; and the voltage drop rating for the 50 mA version is 430 mV. The fuse is built to UL 248-14, type FF, and is cURus approved. Pricing starts at $0.48 each for 100 pieces.

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