BeStar’s new generation multi-layer piezo speakers offer designers of hand held devices an ultra-thin, ultra-light audio component option that will save 40-60% of power consumption as compared to a typical micro-speaker. Main product design targets are mobile phones, flat terminal devices, MID (mobile Internet devices), handheld music players, digital cameras, IC recorders, and other handheld devices.

Design appearance is a simple sound film on piezo film with flat frame construction. However, proprietary materials technology combined with ingenious production techniques result in an eco-friendly product with high mechanical efficiency.

The magnet free design eliminates inhaled free metal particles and EMI issues. The speakers are waterproof, salt mist, and mildew resistant.

Good SPL and flat frequency response is provided while offering a cost advantage to typical micro-speakers available for the same applications. Depending on the model, resonance is as low as 800Hz. Height range is between 1.3-1.7mm and weight ca. 1.6grams. Five sizes are currently available. BeStar is a global manufacturer of audio components including the largest portfolio of micro-speakers and surface mount buzzers/speakers; BeStar is certified ISO13485, ISO/TS16949 and ISO14001.