The Goodfellow Ceramic and Glass Division has added to its new website a range of ceramic nuts, bolts and washers for applications where high temperature, high voltages, magnetism or harsh conditions greatly limit or prohibit the use of other materials. The ceramic fasteners are of high purity, fully dense and impervious.
The standard product range includes alumina hexagonal head bolts in metric sizes from M2 to M8, along with their matching nuts and washers. However, Goodfellow can often supply, upon request, different headstyles or special lengths as well as inch threaded fasteners and other materials such as zirconia, metals and polymers.
These products will be of particular interest to thoseworking in scientific and industrial fields such as ultrahigh vacuum, where the non-outgassing properties of the material are especially beneficial. Laboratories will also find applications for the ceramic fasteners due to their thermal stability.
Goodfellow Ceramic and Glass Division