Expanding the application space for silicon photonics, silicon photonics innovator Kotura today announced a new Ultra Variable Optical Attenuator Module in a pluggable Small Form Package (SFP-VOA). The new product integrates an optical power monitor function to provide feedback to the Ultra VOA in a control loop design.

Based upon silicon photonics, Kotura’s Ultra VOAs have very fast response times, typically less than one microsecond. The high-speed performance enables functions such as signal modulation, transient suppression and fast power control in WDM agile networks.  Highly reliable, Kotura VOAs have no moving parts and have logged more than one billion device hours in optical networks around the world.
“Customers like the option of an industry standard pluggable package,” said Xavier Clairardin, vice president of product marketing at Kotura.  “Our Ultra VOAs are already among the most widely used in the industry.  The 20-pin SFP package means that designers can better utilize board space by moving the attenuation function to the front panel.  Our new product meets the growing trend towards pluggable optics in telecommunications equipment designs.”

The SFP-VOA has lead times of 8-10 weeks for quantities of up to 100.  The product works over the entire C-Band range of 1525-1570 nm and supports an attenuation range of zero to 25 dB.  The module implements the control loop and feedback circuit using a five percent tap and photodetector.

Kotura recently announced its 100 Gb/s optical engine for data center and high performance computing applications. The company has 140 issued and applied patents. For more about Kotura, please visit www.kotura.com.